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I want to dye my hair chestnut brown?

I have natural dark brown hair. But then I dyed it blond and it came out medium blond which doesn't look good on me. If I dyed my hair dark chestnut or dark brown again, what would happen?

I'm scared because my current blond hair pigment will change the brown to look ugly. HELP!!!

I want to dye my hair chestnut brown?
Go see a pro u will prob. have to strip the color off
Reply:Well, you need to keep doing the same blonde over a few times for your hair to turn out the blonde. If it turns out really bad, just try a lighter blonde.

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Has anyone ever used Horse Chestnut Extract....?

Has anyone ever used Horse Chestnut Extract to eliminate spider veins on legs? If so, how were the results?

Has anyone ever used Horse Chestnut Extract....?
yes i have and the results were not to bad 7/10 but i recommend gingko bibolia
Reply:I live in a street called Chestnut way. Isn't that good?

Whats the point of a chestnut??

??? a chestnut on the horses legs, whats it there for?

Whats the point of a chestnut??
That is where their legs were attached to each other when they were in the mare's womb.

I'm not sure why chestnuts continue to grow though lol
Reply:Everyone is correct in their answers I'm just writing to say that at the track all four are photographed by the Horse Id Department in New York as they are comparative to fingerprints in people. Those 4 photos as well as photos of the front , back, and both sides of the horse are placed on an ID card which the chief Identifier brings to the paddock when the horses are being saddled to ensure that the horse running is the right one. This is done in addition to a state veterinary soundness exam and tattoo check the morning of the race.
Reply:It is not where legs were attached in the womb (they aren't ever).

Prehistoric horses had several toes on their legs rather than the one (a hoof) that they have now. The chestnuts and ergots are the "stumps" of those toes that ceased to function as horses evolved.
Reply:As everyone (mostly) said, it's the evolutionary remnant of a toe. Kind of like your appendix - a leftover that doesn't do anything.

As to uses... none natural, as far as I know, but I read somewhere they can be used for identification. Like fingerprints, each one is individual to the horse.
Reply:It used to be a hoof thumb/toe. Horses are just at a point in their evolution that they haven't lost their chestnuts or their ergots yet. :) Ergots are the small parts of hoof on the back of the hind fetlocks that were also hoof-toes.
Reply:the chestnut is the third toe from pehistoric days. the first is the hoof wall, the second is the frog, and the third is the chestnut.
Reply:I've heard that it is from where their thumb was a long time back in the evolutionary chain. I don't know if that's true though.

It serves no purpose that I know of.
Reply:used to be toes back in the day.

i had a horse with ergots that would continually grow and the farrier would have to trim them.
Reply:back when horses had 4 toes the chestnut was their fourth inner toe. They still have 3 toes inside the hoof, the fourth however just grew up the leg and.... shrunk basically.
Reply:The ergot is another prehistoric toe, no longer needed as the horse developed into a hoofed animal.

Show names for a cheeky chestnut pony!!?????????

i have a reallyyyyyyy reallyyyy really cheeky new forest chestnut 13.2hh pony that i am desperate to show, but i need a show name... can any body help??

he has a white star on his forehead and goes by the name apollo.


Show names for a cheeky chestnut pony!!?????????

cinnamon bandit


(Lier Lier )Pant's on Fire


Loving explosions

Firecracker Folly

Burning rubber

hot headed rocket

WARNING flammable

Contents under pressure

J'adore flammes(flame lover)

play with matches

Street Art












Pork-Chop(we have one at our barn who used to live with a pumpkin pie and Sourkraut)







pea pod

Whats the Question---%26gt;barn name = Porque?
Reply:I like Cheeky Chester, definitely fitting... :0)
Reply:Apolo's Star

Lone Star Apolo

Chocolate Apolo

a picture would help, thats all i can think of.
Reply:Pyrios, Aeos, Aethon and Phlegon are the names of Apollo's four horses (I think) and so you might want to incorporate that into his name.

You could put it after Rex (Latin for King) or Regulus (Prince)

Simia is the Latin for Monkey

Alacer, hilaris, and laetus are three latin words meanung Cheerful

Impudens is Latin for Cheeky, shame that doesnt begin with P or A.

Stellatus means Starry, as Stella means Star.

Spadax means Chestnut, as in the Colour, and Castanae means the object.

Hope this helps.

Let us know what you decide to call him and good luck :)
Reply:Here are some great name ideas:

How about Apollo's Eternal Flame?
Reply:cheeky charlie

red rider

chit chat (love that one, so cute)


sunny delight

red robin

Im just brainstorming here...
Reply:try starcatcher i love that name. it would fit if its name is apollo
Reply:I also know of a dark bay named Apollo with a star on his forehead! Except this dude is huge, about 17hh.

What discipline are you showing him in? I'll check back, then I can give you some appropriate names!
Reply:My horse's show name was "Objection Overruled" and judges used to EAT IT UP. They loved it!
Reply:the tanned of the forest

chestnut autumn

star of the east

diamond glory

ginger snaps

white star of the gods
Reply:Ginger was the first thing which sprang to mind.
Reply:sweety, hoopy, starr,
Reply:Man on the Moon/ Man in the Moon

One Giant Leap for Mankind

Get it, Apollo 11 with the first man on the moon?
Reply:apollos star lol.. sounds kinda mistic and he has a star lol . =]
Reply:apollo star?
Reply:i really like the name Cheeky Charlie for this pony! there was a famous connemara x arab called cheeky charlie and they were the best junior combination in endurance riding in britain in June 2004. success will rub off!
Reply:dizzy rascal xx
Reply:Cheeky chappy! lolz!

apollo star
Reply:CHESTER as in cheeky chester

Does anyone remember having shcoolyard chestnut fights in the 70`s ?

We used to collect hardened chest nuts and tie them to the end of a string and in a little pit one person would put his nut down whilst the other guy would hit it with his chestnut until one was broken off the string.

Was this just a local thing in Kitchener Ontario Canada or did everyone do this ?

Does anyone remember having shcoolyard chestnut fights in the 70`s ?
Never heard of it. Must be a Canadian thing!
Reply:Sounds much more sophisticated than what we did, which was throw them at each other as hard as we could! I guess we Americans aren't as inventive with our chestnut games :-)


Should I dye my hair chestnut brown?

What celebrities have chestnut brown hair? A friend brought me that color hair dye, but there's no model on the box, so I'm wondering how it'd look like. My hair right now is a dark medium-reddish brown, and I have pale Asian skin. It's also thick and wavy. I'm just afraid it might come out looking blonde-ish like this:

Should I dye my hair chestnut brown?
yes you can do it
Reply:hi honey, i have been doing hair for quit some while, and the pic that you have shown me looks like it might be auburn color. if i where you i have an ideal that you might want to try and i think that you will like the ideal going with you skin tone try this med brown thin buy a kit that says Carmela touns high light your hair with this after putting the light brown in and you can do it all in one day also the die takes better hair as not been wash the day before. so just try this let me know how this turns out but however i feal you will like this alot! good luck!!!

Where can I find the Chestnut, Slip on, Uggs for under $40?

I know I can get them for $50 on but I was wondering if you can get the them any cheaper. I dont want to order over the internut unless it is a really good deal! I live in NJ, so I need a store in that state!

here is a pic of exactly what I want (in Chestnut color):

Where can I find the Chestnut, Slip on, Uggs for under $40?
umm even on their website the cheapest ones are like 70 and you will never get a deal that good, on REAL uggs!
Reply:I dont think that ppl sell them for less then that unless they a feux ones
Reply:Nowhere.... except for the fake ones, those are like 15$