Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have bleached blonde hair and want to go chestnut brown, how do i go about this?

i had my hair bleached blonde about 6weeks ago and now realised i want to look more natural as this doesnt suit me. I want to go chestnut brown and will obvioudly go to a salon but am not sure how to go about this. is it as simple as dying over it and will my hairdresser know what to do? x

I have bleached blonde hair and want to go chestnut brown, how do i go about this?
yes dont worry she will know exactly what to do ♥
Reply:Your hair has to be stripped of the bleach then dyed the cloour you want .
Reply:Yes, it is as simple as dyeing over it. You could even go do it at home. Why waste that much money on something you could do in thirty minutes?

And the girl who says your hair has to be "stripped of the bleach" has no idea what she's talking about. You can't strip bleach. Bleach is completely permanent and sucks all the color out of your hair.
Reply:Oh's always easier to go darker than it is to go lighter. They'll just put the color right on and it should come out really good since you now have the bleached hair. You're hair should look and feel a lot healthier too.
Reply:If you plan to do it yourself:

I just did this like last week, and it was quite the task. You have to choose a colour with red under tones (ask the cosmetician at the drug store to help). When hair is bleached (or blonde in general) it's missing the red pigments that help to create brown. If you dye brown right over blonde hair it WILL (yes it will) turn greenish-brown. So you might have to put two colours into your hair. If you don't want to put any red in your hair, dye it ash-blonde before dying it brown, that can help to be sure there won't be traces of gray. Whatever you do DON"T dye it brown first!

If not, you're hairdresser will definitly be able to do it for you, it's what they do!
Reply:When you bleach the hair it strips out underlying pigment. If you do not put this back in the hair you may end up with a muddy funky brown or taupe color. It's not as simple as just coloring 4 or 5 shades darker with a box color. You need to fill the hair first, then do the chestnut color. I suggest going to a salon.

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