Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good outfits for Chestnut Uggs?

Have recently got some new uggs in a tall chestnut and love them.

i know not everyone is a if you arent then id appreciate no negative comments as they're not really useful!

just wondering if anyone had some good tips for clothes to wear with them? maybe some must have items? or good stores/online sites to check out.

also, some ideas for the summer would be great!!

thanks a lot guys! :)


Good outfits for Chestnut Uggs?
a MUST HAVE is a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. They look super cute. For the Summer, maybe a floral pattern dress would be cute. I dont recommend wearing uggs w/ shorts, it just looks tacky.

But yeah, basically some skinny jeans and a tank, is really comfortable and cute.

made you an outfit
Reply:skinny jeans tucked in the uggs

and cardigans hat match the color of the uggs

denim mini skirt black leggings uggs black tght sweater waist belt that matches the uggs
Reply:brown jeans would be nice





A bag to go with both outfits
Reply:Uggs have been around for a while, so it is challenging to find a new way to wear them. The whole jeans-tucked-in thing might be a little played at this point, so try wearing them with a pretty dress.

I would definitely get a pair in black so you can wear them with black opaque tights. Uggs are a little bulky, so anything you can do to make your legs look slim and streamlined, I would recommend. When you pair that with a flowy feminine dress, it will give you a totally new, boho-meets-girlie look!
Reply:Try them with some darker colored jeans tucked into the boots with a colored sweater or polo.. Top them off with some cute jewelry and a nice hairstyle!
Reply:I'm personally not a fan of UGGS,

but i think you could make the most of them in the Summer by wearing a floaty, floral dress (which are really fashionable for Spring/Summer) and keep your hair natrual looking, wavy and beachy, NOT STRAIGHTENED! Otherwise you will end up looking common...

You could wear something like this dress by KATE MOSS for Topshop (New Collection)

It has the Chesnut colour belt to tie it in too.

Another nice thing to wear them with would be:

To give it a 'prettier' look, good for Spring

I think they will look great if you wear them right :-)

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