Thursday, November 12, 2009

How do you open a chestnut without breaking it??? 10 points???

i can't find a way/ technique to let it open without breaking the chestnut

How do you open a chestnut without breaking it??? 10 points???
With a sharp knife slit the outer skin and gently peel away. If you've long nails you can use them. Conversely roast them in an oven and the outer will harden and crack.
Reply:you get those utensil thingos that do it
Reply:bake it in the oven
Reply:you just have to have skillz
Reply:I have no clue :
Reply:|breaking what the nut or the shell
Reply:very carefully
Reply:be all natural as you can it with shells and all.. afterall isn't that a vegetarain mantra? that humans are meant to be herbivores? so be a herbivore and eat it as is.. cooking is not herbivore eating either so eat it raw... go on and be a good vegan
Reply:let it roast on an open fire and let the shell die and hopefully ur house doesn't burn to the ground.
Reply:This may sound silly but this really works. You throw the nut as hard as you can against the floor(hard floor of coarse), allot of the time the nut comes out clean, though sometimes it may not %26gt;_%26gt;"... and you can expect a mess, and your chestnut may be hard to find...

Of coarse, if you plan on eating it this may not be the best method for you, you can try a table but it's harder to find where it lands.

Some find that roasting the chestnut will do the trick, but then again if you plan on eating it you probably wouldn't want a smoking hot burnt nut.

Another way is to smash the tip of the chest nut with something hard,like about the weight of a hammer(don't hit it not too hard though, and be careful.) if done right the outer shell will simply split in half and the inner nut should come out clean.

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