Thursday, November 12, 2009

Outfits with chestnut uggs?

what colors/outfits would look best with chestnut classic short uggs?

do you think sand or chocolate would match better with clothes?

Outfits with chestnut uggs?
OMG i'm getting classic short uggs too and i was thinking of getting them in chestnut, so i'm hoping that they match with a lot of stuff too. All of my friends that have uggs have them in either chestnut or chocolate and they really do match with a lot of stuff, i dont think that sand would be such a good idea cause it will get dirty very easily. So go with the chestnut if thats what u really want. and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
Reply:At my school most people have sand or chestnut but I prefer chocolate. Chocolate is the best but jeans tucked in, mini skirts with or without leggings and short shorts are all good choices.
Reply:Uggs are ugly.
Reply:depends on what colors of clothes you wear. I like chocolate or chestnut better than sand
Reply:Im personally not a fan of uggs.....but i think chocolate would match better for one. Then you have a medium dark denim skinny jean with a pink, red, black, or gray colored shirt. Also, it depends on what colors go best with your skin tone. Like if you have strawberry blonde hair, avoid orange colors. Good luck.
Reply:wat color is a chestnut?
Reply:I would actually suggest that you get sand UGGS....they match with more colors
Reply:i don't fancy uggs to much .

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